Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crude oil, rude oil....

The rates for crude oil keep on increasing every day. This is because of the lag in supply and production. The demand is increasing but the production is decreasing. This makes the cost of crude oil never go down and always up.
The only solution to this problem is that finding conventional sources for automobiles and finding alternate fuels. Its not possible to invent some fuel which can replace petrol and diesel on a fine day. But we can go for some fuel which could be mixed with existing fuels with some ratio making the efficiency sustaining.
The mode of transports are also has to be changed. More and more electric trains have to be increased with different destinations which are much more efficient than petroleum transports. "It is a fast transport too. Pollution never comes with electric transportation. If the politicians and ruling government sincerely works for the people, all good things will come so soon. But, it’s not the business of the politician’s right?
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