Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Communal Violence:

Communal Violence is one which has to be completely eradicated from the world. There exists many vampires and draculas whose passion is to taste people's blood, that too ignorant people's blood.
The best punishment to give these creatures which are worse than animal and shit is that to kill them in public. The best way to kill is, we should take the same action against them, which they took in hand for "promoting" violence against the public.
On the whole, those who kill or gives injustice to the innocent people, has to be given the most severe punishment that exist in the world from ages. This would be the only way to stop communal violence.
Killing an innocent human is equal to killing whole humanity. Giving life to one human is equal to giving life to whole human kind.

Ice and eyes…

The eyes are one of the most important organs in our body. Every organ is important in fact. But eyes are always special. It is the organ that opens the very world for us. Without eyes, no poem, no love, no dream would take place.
There are exceptions that do wonders without eye sight. I am here talking about normal human being with the average DNA code. If we lose our eyes, all the sensory organs have to do over time job to make us fittest of the survival.
Let us protect our eyes by keeping ice every week over it and more than that let us all donate our eyes.

Now holes, no balls...

I would like to make one thing clear here. This article contains no adult content, no vulgar things and no double meanings. So perverts can skip this article. You can never get any tasty thing for your eyes or minds.

One of my friends asked me once when we were in our computer laboratory doing some research, "Dude, to which sex does computer mouse belong to?" I was puzzled and said "I don't know". But I was eager to know the answer. He said, "Its simple man, they are males" and he giggled. I was puzzled about this answer but still wanted some explanation for what he answered.

Before seeing the explanation, let me clear one thing about our computer labs. Our lab contains all old systems.
Many of the systems use Pentium III processors still. Then think about the mouse they use.

Now for the explanations... He said, "Our college mouse is males since they have ball in it". I was about to kill him that day. He escaped but. One more day, he asked me the same question but he gave a different answer. That time, all our computers were upgraded and mouse were turned as Infra red mouse. He said, “Now our mouse is females since they have holes in them". He ran after telling this. I am still searching for him...


Many people grow pets with them. Some people dedicate their whole life to pets. I have read in the news paper about a woman in England. She has given all her assets to a pet cat she grew with her since she had no family.

Some people take more care to their pets. For some, pets will be more important than their own child. Some people spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to take care of the pet and for the food for the pet.

I appreciate their care and efforts towards the pet. At the same time, we are supposed to think on one issue. Let it be a dog or cat or what ever, they can eat in any place. In one place or the other, some how they will get managed to eat and survive. They can even survive in garbage bins and in undergrounds. Just think about human. Man cannot live in undergrounds and in garbage bins. He cannot eat from the wastes in garbage.

Many people are ready to give hands for animals. But no heart is ready to love a human. Spread your hearts to love human kind more than anything in the world. Adopt a child or more than one child and give life and prove that love never fails and dies.


Not all the people can run a business successively. We all think that doing a business is an easy job. It is the toughest job and I realized this fact very recently. To run a business one has to face a lot of obstacles and have to fight hard to achieve his target. My friend entered the business field recently and really fighting to the core to succeed. I wish him the great success in his life.


In the wire free world, people are getting everything and anything for free. That too with free of cost and free of time. This makes people go without controls and do any stuff which he or she wants to do. There is no one to question or guide or control them.

This is one of the prime reason for the rise of pornography in all the medium. Pornography is the biggest business in internet media and other media. People had to be taught about the effects and causes of it and we have to save the young minds from perversion and diversion.

If we don't do it today, then we have to lose all our children, grand children tomorrow. So let us unite and fight against this evil and crime. Let us unite hands...

shall we?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ghost in my room...

When I was 10 years old, I saw a scary ghost movie in TV. The ghost that kills so many people in the movie remained in my mind even after the movie got over. I went to bed late night that day and I started hearing some weird noise out side my room.

It seems there was some one standing out side my room. I got a scary feel that the ghost which, saw in the movie arrived in my house to kill me. Though the air conditioner in my room exhibited18 degree Celsius air. I sweat like anything that day.

I closed my eyes tightly and I got up only the next morning. The next day I got the reason for the weird sound.
My brother was watching some horror movie in his PC.

interest... not interested...

To day the world is burning because of the economic crisis every where. So soon employment crisis will affect people's life. There are many reasons for the economic crisis. One of the prime reasons is interest. Interests are nothing but blood and life sucker.
Interest might give a feel like the economic booming. But in reality, it destroys the whole economical situation of any corporation or country. The gap between rich and poor will become big if interest in followed in economic.
In short, we can say, the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer all because of interest.


Once a saint was asked whether he wants to go to the forest or the country. The saint smiled and replied, "I would like to go to the forest". The saint's disciples got confused by these answers but were afraid to ask him the reason for it.

Courageously one young guy got up and posed the question, "What’s the reason master?"
The saint dropped out a calm smile. He turned his face towards the young student. He paused for a while and replied, "In forest we can see wild animals like lion, tiger, snake etc, and there are soft natured wild animals like rabbit, deer etc. A lion always behaves like a lion and a deer always behaves like a deer. No one will change its basic nature at any time and at any cost. So, when I see a lion, I can get prepared for what to do and what not to do and I can behave according to that. The same thing for rabbit etc”.

“If I go to a country, all humans’ looks alike but each one have different character. Soma has character of the lion, some with snake’s character. But on seeing them they look like humans. We can't find the dangers hidden inside them just by seeing or being with them for a while. So forest is better than country” said the saint.


Every one in the world will have wishes. There will not be any man who lives without any wishes. In some person's world, they will have some wishes. I am a person who has a world full of wishes.

Right from my childhood, I have been wishing many things. Fortunately, I have got everything I would like to have in my life. The reason behind this is God's mercy on me and the belief, confidence I had with the wishes I had.

The wish may be smaller than an atom or bigger than a fat dinosaur or godzilla or say bigger than the size of asia, the biggest continent in the world. I will have the strongest confidence in it and I believe that I will achieve what I believe in.

This has helped me a lot in many times. Many people have denied and refused my beliefs lot a time. But I did not lose my faith in my beliefs and so I tasted the victory lot of time.

I believe that this victory will continue for long time...


I heard a song from a south Indian Movie. It is a musicals movie. The song was a philosophy based say. I liked the lyric very much. Here is the translation of the lyrics. "There exists only one king (God Almighty), Rest all are his servants. Those who waste their time thinking about fate and ill fate are fools and those who win their fate are cruel. What’s the need of weapons to win the earth? What’s the need of axe to pick a flower? Let it be Gold or world what’s the need of wars? If you are free of greedy, then the universe will be yours. Grave wants to win man, man wants to win grave. It is the grave that wins the race. But our mind is the one that denies the race. If you have little money in your hand, you are its master. If you have so much money that can even make you drown into it, then it is your master. Understand the truth of life. Give it a dive to strive. Awesome isn’t it?

I and PQT

I am an engineer. I am an engineer NOW. The latter will be more appropriate than the former. I am a computer engineer it seems. That’s what Anna University says in its course certificate. I finished (ufff...) my engineering course in crescent engineering college, a very well known college in Chennai.

We, the Anna university engineering students have 6 to 9 subjects for every semester and we have 8 semesters totally. Among the subjects we studied (lol); there are few subjects which passes fast like a cloud. Some subjects stick with us like clay. This is because, engineering students love few subjects and on the other hand, some sujects love engineering students. Cloud is the former and the latter is the clay.

Since the subject loves the student very much, it wont leave them at all and wants to stay with them through out their life (college life at least). PQT is one among them.
Probability and queuing theory (random process for some) is the paper which loved almost all the engineering students.

Every time when the exam time table comes, students get keen about the date for PQT. Pupil cancels all their dates and get ready for pqt date. Every time when we write the exam, it becomes like we are filing a case to divorce pqt from our life. But luckily PQT wins the case and stays with us for one more semester.

I had PQT in my 4th semester and I stayed till my end of the college life. I wrote it for 5 times and still it stayed with me since it had a crush on me. The last semester came and I was carrying PQT yet. We were put into high pressure and tension. We have to give out our best shot and hit it away. It was like a do or better die situation. I searched for some one who can help me in preparing the subject. No one was ready. I have got a very good friend of mine, called Naveed. He is a born genius I would say. Even he carried the paper and suggested me for a combined night study. I was very happy that Naveed was ready to help me out.

We stayed in one of our friend’s house. He was actually getting ready to prepare on that night. I suggested him for a nap. He had no other go and so accepted. We didn't have a nap but deep sleep. When we woke up it was 10.30 am the next day.

Our night study got screwed because of my suggestion. We were running back to our homes as we had pqt the next day. The question paper was completely confusing as usual. Since we had one more exam in the afternoon, we were not even able to celebrate our sadness that we didn't do well PQT.

All the exams got over and we were in our last vacation in our life. One fine Friday morning the result got released. I was not able to access net and so asked few of my friends to check my result. When I heard the word "result released", my mind instantly thought about "what would happen for PQT?" I dint think about any other subject’s results.

I had a deal with my friends that, if I had cleared all the papers, they can call me. Otherwise they should not. I will understand that I screwed my life. I was waiting for the results and I was able to feel that my body's temperature was rising. The phone rang, and it was my friend. I attended the call. He asked with a low voice, "Macha what is MA1252 da?" I understood. But to give answer to his million dollar question, I said, "PQT macha". "Macha you didn't clear PQT da", he replied.


I felt as if I was thrown into hell fire. Not only me but most of my friends got arrear in PQT. PQT alone, in fact. I didn't do anything. Simply sitting for the whole day regretting for the mistakes which I have done from childhood.

I have applied for re-evaluation with no hope. When I went back to college, I felt as if I was entering nude. Some how I applied for re-val. Some people advised, I advised my juniors, some people gave hope. All these got over that day.

I came to my native for a business project. I started thinking about alternatives for bread and butter since I lost hope in BE. I cannot be a BE any more. This is what filled my mind. Luckily the business project gave me a shift to my mind and I slowly started forgetting PQT. One fine evening I got a sms that re-val results have come.
Again I asked same friends, same deal. One of my friends who applied for re-val checked his results and he didn't cleared. He studies better than me. I lost hope and was damn sure that I screwed my own a**. After a while, my mobile rang. My friend was on call and said, "Macha congrats, you are an engineer now. You have cleared PQT".


Sujatha, for some this name refers to a singer, for some a (!) wife, for some, someone. For me, the word sujatha gives a sweet memory about two people. One is my favorite writer. Almost 80 percent of Tamil people know about this writer and there are better people to talk about him. He is no more in this world now and we miss him a lot every day.
This article is about the second sujatha of my life. She is actually the first sujatha who crossed in my life. She was a breeze in my life. Let me tell you our story, which has not been revealed ever at any place, any time.
It was a Friday, I still remember. We were getting ready for the week end holidays. I was in my class. Some red saree teacher was teaching some crap and was bugging us to take a note on it. I, as usual made a mistake and I was searching for an eraser, in my friend's bag. He, as usual didn't bring and so I checked my bag. I am no exception. My bag hasn’t carried an eraser in its life.
I was asking my class mates for eraser. No bugger helped me out. At that time, a helping hand came near me. It was sujatha. She gave me the eraser. I used it and said "thanks". She replied with a "no mention". I interpreted the "no mention" as "why thanks and all between hubby and honey?"
I felt thousand sparks deep inside my heart as she replied to me. We (I, actually) became friends after that 27 seconds relationship. The next two days went as if they were two centuries (theory of relativity). For the first time in my life, I was keenly waiting for the Monday to come. Till today that was the only Monday I have waited for it to come.
I have prepared to ask for many things like (can you give me your, this, that etc., heart at last) in the two days. The Monday came; I went so early to class expecting her to come early. I waited for the whole day, she didn't come. I waited for the next day too; the whole week in fact. She never came to class after that. I don't know what happened.
I was not able to meet her at all till this very second. I should have gone to her home the next day itself. I was not able to do because of two reasons. One is I don't know where her home is and the second reason is, no parent will allow their LKG kid to go out alone.


Writing was never a tough task for me. Many of my friends wonder about my skills to write a lot about many things. Writing, according to me is not a big deal at all. I do read a lot of books and the topics they cover is wide. Really wide. So normally I have few opinions about everything which a normal human being crosses in his or her life.

I have got writing skill right from my birth I guess. I have been writing for more than ten years. My first writing started when I wasin my sixth grade. That was a poem that praises my mother toungue. After that I have written many poems. My first article was about my whole family. I have given a description about every entity in my family. Everyone enjoyed the article a lot and I guess thats where I literally started loving to write. Once my articles achieved fame, I have not looked back then. I keep on writing every now and then.

I can not live without 5 things. Oxygen, Water, Food, Books and Writing.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Ways to make your money grow:

Ask any economist from any country, no matter how many doctorates he owns, he will agree with the following methods to make your money grow. In this method, you will at least make a single penny more than what you have invested.
If you are very sure about a company's growth, do invest in the shares of the company. If not just do the following steps. No matter which country you belong to, start buying lands and gold. The value for these two will never go down. They will stay constant, or otherwise they keep increasing.
You check the history of the economy and other wealth, the real estate and gold price would have never met a crash. It would have gone down some day. But immediately after few hours or few days, it will again come to sustainable price. If you are really in need of making money, do this. Otherwise you can better "Watch" some sites.

Suspense Stories:

There are many varieties in stories. Among them, sci-fi and suspense thriller always tempts me to read soon. The taste of these stories is quite different from a normal story. The requirement of a suspense story is, the author has to think a step ahead than the readers. There should be a sudden twist in the story at last and that twist should not be guessed by the reader till he/she comes to know the climax.
I myself have tried few suspense stories. Will blog it when possible. Many people have tried writing short, shorter suspense stories. There are few shortest suspense stories available. One of them goes like this, "When the last man on earth was in a room, it was knocked". This story has taken many forms. One of them is, "When the last human on earth was in a room, it was locked". There are lots of shortest thriller stories. All you have to do is, make the people expect the unexpected.

Volcano and a doubt...

This is one of my long time doubts... There are so many volcanoes in the world. New Zealand, Japan hits the highest in having more number of volcanoes.
Here is my doubt, what would happen if we continuously pour water into an active volcano? The emission of lava from volcano is one of the reasons of earth quakes (I guess). Why not to cool down the volcano and save earth from earth quakes? If water cools down fire, then why there are volcanoes alive under oceans?

If volcanoes gives dangers to people often, then why not to give out a try to put an end to volcanoes? Even in this technology advanced age, why is it so hard to make necessary preventive measures to save people from the risks volcano explosion? I have lot more doubts to get cleared, but I don’t know whom to ask. If you are the one whom I am searching, please let me know.

If not, keep visiting my blog at least...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jesus, let peace be upon him...

Jesus, some people call him as God, some people call him as son of god and few people say, he is one among god and there is lot of controversies about him.

From Islamic perspective, Jesus let peace be upon him, is one of the messengers of God. He is neither God, nor son of God. His mother Mary (Mariam) let peace be upon her was one of the purest women of the world. Jesus’ peace be upon him birth was a miracle. He took birth without any males' intervention.

He was given many miracles by God, He can give life to a dead person, and he can cure blindness and many more diseases. All these happened with the mercy and help of The God Almighty. He came to the world to guide people to worship One God and to do good deeds. And yes, he will again come to earth when the Day of Judgment is near by.

Many people mistake by taking Jesus peace be upon him as God or Son of God or one among God.

Let us follow the truth and get rid from hell fire.


Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as the Government of the people, by the people and for the people. But today, the democracy means government of the politicians, by the politicians and for the politicians. No government gives preferences and priorities to people. They are treated as third class citizens.
The rights of the people are printed in the law and constitutional books. But are not implemented in practice. Most of the governments motivate people to live in a illusion life. They make policies to keep people in laziness, craziness, cultureless life and so on like the insects that fall into lights; people fall in these traps and ultimately lose their life.
Those who rise against this and fight against this are named as terrorists and are murdered try the government. They also name then as spy for this every countries. Is this what democracy? Crazy........

Halwa sweet halwa...

Halwa (also called as ALWA) is a famous Indian sweet. It is very popular in a south Indian state. It is basically made of wheat, excess of ghee, sugar paste. It looks blackish brown or brownish black jelly kind of material. When we put it in our mouth, if it is a good quality halwa, then it will "dissolve" in our mouth. It will dissolve as if it is made of wax and your mouth is made of fire. It tastes very sweet and looks very oily. Since it is filled with sweet you cannot "gulp" it at a time. You can enjoy it little by little everyday. But you have to heat it every time before eating if you are going to stove it for a long time. Have Halwa for one time, you will never forget its taste in your life time.


When people ask me how to go about getting six-pack abs, they usually start talking about all of the crunches and other exercises they spend hours every week performing without seeing any tangible results. My first response is that they most likely already have a reasonably developed set of abdominals if they’ve been training for some time.

Their abs are just covered by excess body fat. That is really what people are inadvertently asking me when they ask what they need to do to get visible abs; what they really need to focus on is reducing their body fat.

Generally, men need to get below 10-11% body fat to really start to see the abs,
and women need to get below 16-19% body fat to really bring out their abs.
However, everyone will differ depending on his or her body fat distribution. Based on
individual body fat distribution, some people may need to get even leaner than these
percentages to be able to see their abs.

Men tend to accumulate more body fat in the abdominal area, whereas women tend to
accumulate more body fat in the hips and thighs. If you want to figure out how much body fat you need to lose to get down to these levels.

There are many methods available to do this, but the methods that
will be most accessible to the majority of people are the skinfold caliper method, the bioelectrical impedance method, or estimates using girth measurements of various body part circumferences.

Hope this post might be a teeny weeny itcy bitcy help to my advice to you all people is

Encryption and my lecturer...

It was during my engineering period. One of the lecturers in our computer science department handled networks subject for us. He uses "hi fi" English which makes everyone laugh. But still we control our laughs to enjoy the show.

Network security is an important topic in networks. To have a safe and secured communication, soft wares go for encryption and decryption. All the files, it may be a text file or a sound file or an image file or whatever; it will be encrypted to some code which can't be understood by a normal view. The encrypted text has logic for encryption and an inverse logic for decryption. The decryption logic will make sure that the encrypted file is got back to original form.

The encrypted file's text sa called as "cipher text". The actual motto of the first paragraph and second paragraph lies here. Some people pronounce cipher text as sy-fer text. Some people do it as si (as in sick) fer text. Our beloved lecturer pronounces it as "kippager" text. Lot more funny pronunciations and English communications are yet to follow in this blog. Do check the updates.

Electrical and electronics...

Wherever you go, you can find two things, one is electrical oriented stuffs and the other one is electronic oriented devices. I had a doubt about the difference between electrical field and the electronics field. I have asked many people but they didn't give me a prompt reply which satisfies my mind.

I started searching for the difference. Some people said like electrical field deals with amperes and mega amperes where as electronics works with milli amperes and micro amperes. Therefore, the usage amount of current makes the difference. This answer is true but we cannot say it as the correct answer. It may be one of the correct answers for my question.

After a long gap, I have got an answer which is more appropriate to my question. Electrical makes the machines to run and stop. Where as electronics take the power to control the machine. I guess this would be an appropriate answer. When it comes to controlling, then its none other than electronic devices which takes care of it. It doesn't mean that we cannot control any machine using electrical devices alone. We can. But the cost for doing the work gets lesser when we use electronic devices than using electrical devices.

Cheapness in price and compactness are the prime reasons for the success of electronics.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Money makes many; a saying well depicts the situation of the world today. Money gives you power, money gives you shower, money gives you girls while shower, money gives you shelter, money gives you respect, money gives you assets, money gives you many...

But there are few things that money can not give you. You can buy beds using money, but not sleep. No matter how much you spend or ready to give, you cannot make few things get done with your hell out of money. You can buy hospitals using money, but not health. You can buy universities by money, but not education. You can buy people's using money but not a true loving heart. You can buy malls using money but not customers. You can buy wishers by money but not well wishers.

There are so many things that money can not come near. Like mother's love, baby’s smile (not babe's smile but), father's care and lot more. Therefore, money doesn’t make many...

Bill gates once stated, "Money is nothing, but make sure that you make hell out of money before making this statement."

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This article does not discuss about hippopotamus but hip, pot, am and us.
Hip- One of the greatest weapon girls have. In western world, people are not much "aware" of such weapon. But in countries like India, where people doesn't have much hard works except eating, sleeping and generating people, lot of research and development are under process in the area called "Hip".
This article deals with one such hip that made me "hang" for a while. Before getting into it, let me give you two universal truths. UT One is, The Sun rises in east. UT two is, Muthalib (its me) never looks at girls (inclusive of aunts, babes, babies and so on).
I was living like a saint in somewhere in the middle cornered top at the bottom of Tamil nadu. It was during a rainy day so I bunked college and was sincerely watching TV. In some crap serial, a character was working in her kitchen.

She was about to take some thing from the cup board which was placed above her. As she raised her hand to take the stuff, "It" was clearly visible. I make sure that no one is around me and so I went near the TV to see "it" clearly. It happened for 7.3 seconds.
I really enjoyed seeing "it". She took the stuff and turned back. Surprise; she had a moustache; and it was not "she" but "he".

The female in the serial was actually a male who was acting as a female. It seems that was some comedy serial.

That was the first and last hip I have ever stared...

Money Matters!!!

Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money, they don't generate much interest.

My parents were soooooo poor, they got married for the rice.

"Credit cards are VERY dangerous. Every time I try to use one somebody starts chasing me with scissors." - J. Bothne

The best things in life are free.... or have no interest or payments for one full year.

Give 'til it hurts... then have your accountant calculate the write- off.

We were soooooo poor, we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick the other kid's fingers.

"People are always asking me how much I'm worth. Well, all I can say is, I've got enough money to last me the rest of my life. As long as I die in the next 20 minutes." - George Burns

I'm as broke as the ten commandments.

Money can't buy everything... but then again neither can no money.

Money takes the sting out of being poor.

It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor as long as you have money.

We were sooooooo poor... we would eat beans for breakfast, water for lunch, then we'd swell up for dinner.

Money can't buy happiness, but it can help you look for it quicker, in a convertible.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Golden economy...

Any country's money value and its economy is judged by the amount of gold it hold. The economy depends on the gold possessed by any country.
The world markets, share markets across the globe crude oil prices everything depends directly or indirectly on the gold's value. If you want to make money invest it in gold. Gold's value never goes down. It will be at least ten cents move than what you spent to buy it.
It is a safer and secure way to buy and hold more gold. If you do so, you are indirectly helping your country in increasing the value of the economy. There are some economists who say that saving more gold at home doesn't give any profit; instead we can invest in business. Business has profit and loss. The probability is 1/2 for both. Why to take risk when you can have a safe place to stand? There are some economists who object saving gold.
My question is, than why the hell the economy of a country is valued by the amount of gold it holds?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

EID ul fitr

This is one of the important festivals of Muslims. It is popularly called as "Ramzan festival". After fasting for a month, Muslims all over the world celebrate this day. On this day, they will have a prayer in the morning. Then everyone shares their Eid wishes to every other brothers of Islam.

This day encourages Muslims to give more and more charity to the poor people. One of the pillars of Islam is "Zakat". It means tax to the poor. This is mandatory for every rich Muslims. Islam has a scale for richness also. The rich has to give 2.5% of his / her wealth to the needy.

There are hypocrite politicians (like b***) who say that their motto is to eradicate poverty from the world. They say; but never implement. Islam on the other hand implements what ever it preaches.

If top 52 milliners in the world give this "Zakat", no one will be poor in the world or no poor country will exist in the world. Sounds great isn't it? Pass this message, spread Islam. Let peace and mercy of Almighty be on all of us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fish story...

Once in a village which was near a shore, lived a fisherman. His everyday routine is to catch fishes, return home early, play with his children, and take a nap with his wife during after noon. It was a famous sea shore village and so many tourists used to visit the place.

Once, one young man was visiting the village and some how he got contact with the fisherman. The young man was very impressed with the taste of the fishes he catches and asked him about his life.

The fisherman said, "Ill catch some fishes, return home soon, play with my children, have a fiesta with my wife". The tourist exclaimed and said, "You are wasting your time buddy. If you follow my advice then you can live a better life". "Better life? How?" questioned the fisherman.

The young tourist said, “You should catch fish for more time and start fishing earlier, so that you can get more fish. Once you get more fish you can sell them in the market and can get more pennies."

"After that?"

"Once you make more money you can buy a boat on your own and so you can fish for longer time and so you can get more and more fishes and then you can sell them directly in the market."

"After that?"

"Then you can move to city and can start your own enterprise where you can directly negotiate with the customers and can make money like anything"

"After that?"

"After becoming rich, you can settle yourself in a sea shore village, play with your children, have a fiesta with your wife and can live happily."

"Oh! How long will it take to do that?"

"Hmmm... twenty five to thirty years..."

"Oh what you say to get after twenty years is what I am now, so why wasting twenty years?" the fisherman put his last question.

"..........." the young tourist, who has done masters in business administration at Harvard, went quietly.

Money makes many...

Asia is considered as the blogging capital of the world. So many people have taken blog as their profession and earning like anything. In my class, there are many friends who do blogging and earn like hell.

Blogs, in one hand helps people who are in need of money. It is like an instant money (but you have to wait for three days to thirty days for the payment to get credited in your account). Many people started blog as their main stream and sub stream business.

Making money in blog is damn easy. All you have to have is, a computer with internet connection, a microsoft word application and a tiny mini gray organ, called brain in your head. Make sure that your brain can write on any crap.

I wish all the bloggers who blog to make money a good success.


The 24th day of July is an important day for disciples everywhere, especially in India. On this auspicious day, disciples in the country will celebrate Guru Purnima and express gratitude to their gurus who are alive and also those who have attained nirvana and left their body.

An often-asked question is: "Does a guru who is no longer in his physical body help his disciples on their spiritual journey and evolvement in consciousness?" There is always a big debate on this subject and the answer to this question is both yes and no. Even after his departure from this world, a guru is always available to a disciple, provided he is a genuine disciple and the guru is a real guru. A disciple who has full faith benefits the most.

Basically, it all depends on the receptivity and understanding of the disciple and his love and devotion to the mentor. If the disciple is a student just interested in collecting informative knowledge and enhancing his ego, he will not be able to make any headway and in the process will not be able to receive much help from the teacher.

His ego will function as a barrier between him and his guru. It is only when the disciple is able to surrender his ego that he become receptive to the inner treasures of enlightenment a guru has to offer.

Guru is originally an eastern phenomenon. Osho explains: "There is no word in English to translate the word guru because the relationship between guru and disciple is basically eastern. No such relationship has ever existed in western culture and tradition, so no one in the West can understand what a true guru is. At the most they can understand what a teacher is."

A guru becomes a guru only after he has attained self-realization and enlightenment. Before that he may just be a teacher but not a guru. The guru makes the disciple what he himself is.

A guru transforms his disciple with his presence. The guru's presence works even in silence. And when the guru disappears physically, he becomes even more available because, then there is no physical barrier his 'un-embodied' consciousness becomes available to the disciple in his meditation.

In one of his discourses, Osho assured his disciples: "So remember, when I am gone, you are not going to lose anything. Perhaps you may gain something of which you are absolutely unaware. Right now I am available to you only embodied, imprisoned in a certain shape and form. When I am gone, where can I go? I will be here in the winds, in the ocean; and if you have loved me, if you have trusted me, you will feel me in a thousand and one ways. In your silent moments, you will suddenly feel my presence. Once I am un-embodied, my consciousness is universal. Right now you have to come to me."


Poems and epics are present most of the world languages. There are certain rules and regulations in making a poem. The rules vary from language to language, region to region etc. As the time changes, the rules and regulation do take a change. There two things for the rules in the world. The rules have to suit for all the time or else the rule has to be flexible. Other wise, the rule will be ruled out from the world.

Many languages took many shapes time by time to survive in the world. In the technology era, no one has time to enjoy hundred words poems or the poems with typical rules and custom. The world today is a fast changing world. At times its fastness reaches turbo stage. So, a poet has to do his work such that a man from this age can enjoy with the time span he has.

Japanese invented haiku and it got transformed to all over the world. Now, people don't get time for haikus too and it’s again the time to change the rules for poems. I have tried few poems (poetic words would be proper term I guess) with the new rules. Here are some... Each bullet represents a poem...

- Love

- Mother

- Smile

- Forgiving

- Helping hand

- Prayer

- Hard work

- Can

- Rain

- Infant

- Rainbow

- Nature

Last but not the least...

- Me

- And My blog... (lol)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calculator words...

I usually play with my calculator. Play with calculator? Yes. I try finding (forming) words using normal calculator. I bet with my friend and since I have lot of practice, I won the bet.
The words normally once can guess are LOOSE, LOSE, LOSS and few more. The numbers which are used instead of letters are zero for 'o', one for 'L' or 'I', three for 'E', Nine for 'G', Four for 'h', five for 's', seven for 'L'.
As we have O, E, I the three major vowels. We can form many words. You can also try out forming as many words as possible. The letters are O, L, I, E, G, H, S. Try forming words in a paper. You can make it in calculator if you are able to find it on paper. Few examples are Loss, Lose, Losses, Loses, Sole, Sell, So, See, sees, Lee, Lees, I, IS, HE, SHE, SHELL, SHELLS, HELL, HELLS etc.

Have enough time to sit idle? Don’t waste your time. Try finding more and more words and have fun with the calculator.

Unique Posts...

I and my friend humoni are doing Blogging since we both are doing nothing. We have chose Blogging as our full time job. I do need a lot and my friend too does the same. I have writing experience; Just to impress people. humoni do write well. But he has a selective approach in writing. His writings mostly focus on Love, Love and more love. He doesn't care much about nuke deals and the current affairs. So, he gets a less chance in writing.

Every blogger knows one universal truth that, to survive in the world of Blogging. You have to write. It may be some extra ordinary article or a crap like this. One fine day humoni called me (he is one of my friends who have give missed call) and said, "Macha give more ideas for unique posts da". I gave him few ideas like eye lids, Gas trouble, Piles etc., He got stunned on seeing my mind (?). I gave him a damn easy idea. Just to buy a book on "how to write essays?" or "Essay writing practice" books. It costs 10 to 20 bucks. Unique. They give you returns in hundreds of dollars. Want to try?

superb mario...

I don't know how to call those games. A cassette has to be inserted and it contains games from 8 to 88888888. Super Mario, one of the most used word by me when I was in my 6th grade.

Super Mario one of the games that was present in that gamy device. Though I play other games too, there is a special place for super Mario always. I am the first one to complete the game in my family. So they meat me as if I am the legend in gaming. If some one got struck with a level, they will call me to finish it. I’ll use the tricks to finish it.

I have played super Mario for hours and hours without food, sleep and so on. Now there are many various that came in super Mario. It made the entrance on computers too. But still, the very first super Mario never gets out of my mind.


It is otherwise called as American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Some time back, only English was ruling the World Wide Web alias Internet. If some wants to create a site with a regional language, he/she has to include the font file in the website, which has to be downloaded by anyone who wants to view the site. Still it created lot of problem in viewing the fonts properly.
Then came the era of ASCII. Many languages got its own ASCII code. I guess around 652 languages are there in ASCII. As a result of this, the World Wide Web has become world wider web. Many sites came into existence with regional languages. Now, along with English, Arabic, Chinese and Tamil sites are leading in the number of sites that are registered and viewed across globe.


Current is otherwise called as flow of electrons. The current's direction will be opposite to the direction of flow of electrons. Now, forget the technical aspects of the current. We are neither electrical engineers nor IEEE members to look deep into current and its attributes.
This article is about the use of current. Today's world run in current without current, the world will stops its working literally. More than anything, if you find some technology or material which can produce current at cheap cost or at the equal cost which is cost or at the equal cost which is costing for other forms of electrical energy production, than you can become a milliner or billionaire. From running a motor to lighting the world, current plays a vital role.
No energy can be seen visually like wise we cannot see the electrical energy too. We can only feel the "shock" of current and can feel the other forms taken by current. One day or the other, I would like to see what and how current is?


I have read it in a news paper. It was printed in the tit bits section. The tit bit was like this. "There are 10 types if people in the world who know binary and don't know binary number system". I was laughing for hours after reading this tit bits. (Note: In binary 10 equals to 2 in decimal number system).
All the computer science students have to study binary number system. This is because, the computers know, learn, hear, see, speak, display, love, cry, shout, laugh nothing but in binary. We cannot say I love you to a computer and 10110111000011111101010101 to a girl or guy. Therefore in order to understand the operation of a computer. It is better to know at least the basics for binary number system.
Though I hate mathematics, I love number systems and conversion of number from one number system to the other number systems. I am the best student in the class when it comes to number systems and conversions. I'll finish the problems so fast and I start teach in my class mates (girls particularly). Binary is one of the things which made my flirting dreams come true.

Travel into Tragedy...

I love traveling a lot. That too when it is a night journey, I just hurry myself to go for it. I like both bus and train journey. Recently I was in a business trip. It was a bus journey.

Traveling in an air conditioned bus is one of my long time dreams. So I planned to have a A/C bus travel that time. I went to the bus terminus and booked a ticket for myself. Joy filled in my mind that my very first A/C bus journey is going to happen in a very short time.

I have got a window seat, which is the most favorite seat of every human in the world. I switched on the A/C which was above my head. It was working properly. I was the first guy to get into the bus.
I started planning on enjoying the whole bus trip.

People started coming one by one. The bus was in a complete silence with all the air conditioners switched on. It was the 17th minute from the time when I got into the bus. I heard a weird sound at my back seat. I looked back. One bugger was vomitting. There was no one to clean it. My first AC bus journey turned a tragedy.


This is one of the most useful invention man ever did on earth. Umbrella can be used during both summer and rainy season. I have got a cool experience with umbrella. It was a rainy season. I was returning my collage by walk. I had an empty hand and a girl from my college had an umbrella in hand. She asked me to get info her... umbrella. It was very cold in the atmosphere and I was too hot because of the hotter girl with me.

From that day, I started loving umbrellas a lot.

PS2 and reflex action

I have seen many people playing video games, which are broadly classified into personal computer games, play station games, game boy etc.
Play station (shortly called as PS) has many versions like ps1 (which is literally dead today), ps2, ps3 and now ps4.

Microsoft has its own product called Xbox 360. There is something called nintendo too.

My topic here is not about these products and to advertise them here. My dicussion is with human nature with the games. Many people would have noticed this when some one plays a game like arcade etc.

While turning or jumping, along with the graphics in the screen, the player will also moves his body. He will at least shakes his joy stick. This is called reflexive action. It is similar to the physics law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Mponeng is a mine located in West Rand, North West, South Africa.

Its 3777 mts depth and It is active in mining Gold


This diamond mine in eastern Siberia (Mirny, to be exact) is so deep that the surrounding air zone... is closed for helicopters" after "a few accidents when they were 'sucked in' by downward air flow...

The size of this mine is hard to grasp - and the fact that it creates its own wind drafts is amazing
Liu Hua, a 24-year-old Jiangsu Province native, was born with a left thumb, index and middle finger much larger than normal.

Liu was suffering from a rare disease called Macrodactyly, a birth defect in which toes or fingers are abnormally large. The cause of the disease is unknown but bone and soft tissue grows at an extraordinary rate.


In US , Florida


Measuring at 19 hands and 2 inches, Digger is used to looking down on the world as Britain’s largest horse


This is the world's largest drain hole, and is located at the Monticello Dam in northern California. When the dam reaches capacity the spillway swallows water at a rate of 48,800 cubic feet per second, emptying about 700 feet away.

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