Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now holes, no balls...

I would like to make one thing clear here. This article contains no adult content, no vulgar things and no double meanings. So perverts can skip this article. You can never get any tasty thing for your eyes or minds.

One of my friends asked me once when we were in our computer laboratory doing some research, "Dude, to which sex does computer mouse belong to?" I was puzzled and said "I don't know". But I was eager to know the answer. He said, "Its simple man, they are males" and he giggled. I was puzzled about this answer but still wanted some explanation for what he answered.

Before seeing the explanation, let me clear one thing about our computer labs. Our lab contains all old systems.
Many of the systems use Pentium III processors still. Then think about the mouse they use.

Now for the explanations... He said, "Our college mouse is males since they have ball in it". I was about to kill him that day. He escaped but. One more day, he asked me the same question but he gave a different answer. That time, all our computers were upgraded and mouse were turned as Infra red mouse. He said, “Now our mouse is females since they have holes in them". He ran after telling this. I am still searching for him...

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