Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sujatha, for some this name refers to a singer, for some a (!) wife, for some, someone. For me, the word sujatha gives a sweet memory about two people. One is my favorite writer. Almost 80 percent of Tamil people know about this writer and there are better people to talk about him. He is no more in this world now and we miss him a lot every day.
This article is about the second sujatha of my life. She is actually the first sujatha who crossed in my life. She was a breeze in my life. Let me tell you our story, which has not been revealed ever at any place, any time.
It was a Friday, I still remember. We were getting ready for the week end holidays. I was in my class. Some red saree teacher was teaching some crap and was bugging us to take a note on it. I, as usual made a mistake and I was searching for an eraser, in my friend's bag. He, as usual didn't bring and so I checked my bag. I am no exception. My bag hasn’t carried an eraser in its life.
I was asking my class mates for eraser. No bugger helped me out. At that time, a helping hand came near me. It was sujatha. She gave me the eraser. I used it and said "thanks". She replied with a "no mention". I interpreted the "no mention" as "why thanks and all between hubby and honey?"
I felt thousand sparks deep inside my heart as she replied to me. We (I, actually) became friends after that 27 seconds relationship. The next two days went as if they were two centuries (theory of relativity). For the first time in my life, I was keenly waiting for the Monday to come. Till today that was the only Monday I have waited for it to come.
I have prepared to ask for many things like (can you give me your, this, that etc., heart at last) in the two days. The Monday came; I went so early to class expecting her to come early. I waited for the whole day, she didn't come. I waited for the next day too; the whole week in fact. She never came to class after that. I don't know what happened.
I was not able to meet her at all till this very second. I should have gone to her home the next day itself. I was not able to do because of two reasons. One is I don't know where her home is and the second reason is, no parent will allow their LKG kid to go out alone.

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