Sunday, April 5, 2009


Current is otherwise called as flow of electrons. The current's direction will be opposite to the direction of flow of electrons. Now, forget the technical aspects of the current. We are neither electrical engineers nor IEEE members to look deep into current and its attributes.
This article is about the use of current. Today's world run in current without current, the world will stops its working literally. More than anything, if you find some technology or material which can produce current at cheap cost or at the equal cost which is cost or at the equal cost which is costing for other forms of electrical energy production, than you can become a milliner or billionaire. From running a motor to lighting the world, current plays a vital role.
No energy can be seen visually like wise we cannot see the electrical energy too. We can only feel the "shock" of current and can feel the other forms taken by current. One day or the other, I would like to see what and how current is?
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