Friday, February 27, 2009

A life is a life is a life

Today, divorce has become “BINGO” word for many couples. The divorce rate keeps on increasing in every part of the world. The first and foremost reasons for divorce are “misunderstanding” and “ego”. No single couple in the world had a life without any misunderstanding. This suits for the first couple Adam and Eve to the couple who are going to come till the end of the world.

What makes some couple to lead a successful life even though they had misunderstanding and others to go for a divorce for silly chilly arguments?

The answer is very simple; it is understanding and adjustments. First of all, we have to believe in a very famous statement, “No one is perfect”. It is very true. No one in the world today is perfect. Everyone have their own merits and demerits. This suits for the couples too. Every bride and groom has some excellence of their own and some pit falls. If one doesn’t like some qualities in a person, let him or her forget the bad qualities and start loving him or her for the good qualities he or she definitely has.

Understand your life partner. If they have anything wrong with them, try to make them understand better about themselves; or if it is useless criticizing them, try to adjust with the good qualities one possesses.

If every couple starts adapting these two ways, then for sure, the divorce rate will decrease across the globe.
I have a friend of mine. He is in fact, one of my best friends; better than the best I would say. He is from Kashmir. He often says that his native is a lost paradise. He is a very energetic guy and one of the very few broad and awesome attitude guys I have ever seen in my quarter century life.

Whenever he talks about Kashmir, his face turns sad and he says only "sad, sadder and saddest" things about Kashmir. Life in Kashmir is miserable; this is what his ultimate statement about Kashmir.

Quite often we tease him like "kashmiri's are jobless; they either protest or go for a bomb blast etc., One day he asked a question to me.

-What will you do if you have a just born baby and the supply of baby food and medicines blocked for more than a month?
-What will you do if your basic needs get blocked?
-What will you do when some one fell sick and goes serious condition and you are not allowed to move out of your home?
-What will you do when everyone in your family is missing when you get up on a fine morning?
-What will you do when your only beloved sister gets gang raped and murdered?
-What will you do when your only child gets shot dead by some one for no reason?

There were many more questions. I was left without answers. The answers for above questions are a part of Kashmiri’s life.

I am answerless; In fact every one of us is. We are shameless too for our answerless state. As of now, to console him, I can only state a verse from Qur'aan, Allah says in the qur'aan like "oh! people, do you think that you can enter paradise so easily withou any tests from God?" I don't know the exact verse, I'll update you as soon as I get it.

Though it is lost, a paradise is always a paradise. Don’t worry Ilyas; at least our grandchildren "may" live in a peaceful Kashmir...

Watch the presentation about Kashmiri’s life... Join hands; raise your voice, let’s spread peace and humanity, at least to our neighbors...


Without the technology we have for today, nothing will be there. Blogs, computers, pay per post, online transaction, scandals and everything will not exist in the world. Technology is making revolution every now and then. So, what is the use of having a blog without discussing and sharing the assets of technology? This blog is dedicated to technology. In fact, I would like to make this blog as a tribute to all the researchers and scientists who sacrificed their sleep, love, life just for the sophistication we have for today.

We live in the era of technology. The technology we have today is not a single night work. Many brains have worked for years and years to achieve what we are enjoying today.
Many scientists and researchers have lost their sleep and worked day and night to bring a tiny advancement and progress in the technology they had that time. Thanks to every one who made the technology which is ruling today possible? Thanks to those who lose their sleep for our better sleep today. Thanks to those who sacrificed their life for our satisfied life today.

Thanks to all the wives of the scientists who made today's technology possible since they didn't bug their hubby. Thanks to one and all who worked for everything we have for today.

Sweet memories...

Folks! Do you remember the pre historic 3.5 inch floppy disks which were used to store 5 mb data? Then came an advanced technology which made things compact. Yes, it was the time when 1.5 inches sized floppy disks with 1.44 mega byte storage. It was called as a revolution that time. The usage of floppy disks became higher. People like me started using them since it was cheap and compact. Every entity related to the computer science field had a floppy in their shirt / skirt pocket. It was considered as a pride to have a floppy that time. The 1.5 inches floppy disks existed till the year 2002. Those who had so many floppys with them were considered as "geeks".

The life of 1.44 mb floppy didn't last for long time. Soon, the era of compact disks started. Though compact disks (cds in short) were in the market, not many people bought it because of the cost and the technologies needed to write the data in the cds.
Once the price of cd writers and cds went down, cds replaced floppy disks every where. Data upto 700 mb were written into a CD with the same cost of a floppy disk drive. So, people, who have nurture towards change, shifted their mind sets to CDs and rest all is history.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

John Meets Jack....

It was the time when John the Great was ruling over most of India. One hot summer's day, the emperor was on a hunting trip, and was very thirsty. But, however hard his men searched, they couldn't find any water.

As they wearily tramped through forest and valley, they came upon a boy.

"Do you know where we can get some fresh water to drink?" asked the thirsty emperor.

The boy was a smart young fellow called Mahesh Das. He was from a poor family from that region. He immediately knew that a person of such royal bearing could only be the Emperor John. Here was an opportunity of a lifetime, he thought.

If you take me on your horse, Your Majesty, I will get you some deliciously cold water to drink," replied the boy.

John was impressed by the cheekiness of the boy. Not many people had the courage to ask an emperor for a ride. So, he helped the boy clamber on to his horse, and the royal party was led to a gurgling stream hidden in the woods.

Finally, the emperor was able to quench his thirst. He was very pleased with the boy. John pulled off a ring from one of his fingers and gave it to him. To the emperor's surprise, the boy refused the expensive gift.

"Your majesty, please give me a job in your court when i grow up instead of this ring,"


IPod has become one more organ in every gadget geeks' body. Many will go crazy if their iPod doesn't work. IPod is one of the kids of today's technology. The sound clarity is one of the prime reasons for the success of the iPod. The other reason for the success is the social prestige one receives on owning an iPod.

Though iPod is not as simple as an mp3 player, it is welcomed by many people. It is not easy to load songs in an iPod like what we do in an mp3 player. We need separate software called iTunes such that our pc and iPod get interfaced. So those who don’t have a pc can better stay away from iPod.

In spite of all these technological jargons, the success of the iPods in the market was big; really big. This is because of the quality an iPod has. This shows us one thing; people are ready to pay any cost if they get quality in return. There is a lesson for business people in the success of iPods.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We can choose a good house to live in. But we cannot choose our neighbors. It is a great blessing to have a good neighbor. If the neighbors are otherwise, it becomes hell. Generally it is found that if the parents are good, the children are good too. Neighbors may be good, bad or indifferent.
We live in a busy locality. The streets are narrow and the houses are mostly multistoried. That accounts for the good number of neighbors. Our next door neighbor is a workman belonging to lower middle class. He works painstakingly. He is a workaholic and yet cannot make the ends meet. His working hours are from early morning right up to sunset by which time he calls it a day. His wife is good natured and is busy doing something or the other. It is owing to this factor that the neighbors are not able to see much of this quiet couple.
Our next door neighbor to the right is a rich family the Chaurasias. This family is so business-minded that everything concerning them is related to money. The businessman is away the whole day and has crooked looks. His wife is not much educated and is short-tempered. Any little things lead to quarrel with them. The children are a spoilt lot. That is why the neighboring people keep this affluent family at arms length.
In the ground floor of the building, lives the Sharma family. Mr. Sharma works in the Central Secretariat. He is a thorough gentleman. And gentle is his wife too. Sharma get along smoothly with the people of the neighborhoods. They help others in times of need, and everyone is ready to run errands for them. They deserve the goodwill of all.
Opposite our house lives a Managing Director of a private limited company. He has a grown-up daughter and son. His wife is a teacher. The MD owing to fraud in dealings is now behind bars. Just on the other side of the street lives the Chari family. He is a man of letters and a teacher. Quite a scholarly person. He is a prolific writer. He has a genial wife. Whenever there is time, our family spends time with them in the evenings. The exchange of ideas on interior decoration and allied topics is so helpful. They are always at the giving end, rather than asking for anything. Recently, Mr. Chari gave me a story book to read. He asked me to read story books one by one.

Chari has a high civic sense. They never do any thing which might displease or annoy their neighbors. They are invited to every function. Mrs. Chari is very friendly with my mother and they pass time together. Mr. Chari and my father are usually together in the evenings. On Sundays and festive occasions the celebrations are on a joint basis. How lucky indeed we are to have Chari as our neighbor. They are verily leaders of the neighborhood and are always in the forefront in matters of residents' welfare.


Teaching is considered a noble profession. Dr S. Radhakrishnan was a good teacher. His birthday, September 5, is celebrated as teacher’s day. Teachers are not very highly paid though.
Let us see how a teacher works through the day. "Plain living and high thinking" is the teacher's motto in life. He is a role model. His pupils learn from his example. He is really a living example to others. He influences his wards to a large extent as the latter spend so much time with him each day. The teacher gets up early in the morning at 5 o'clock with the crowing of the cock. After the call of nature, he bathes. He says his short prayer to god. He then takes a simple breakfast.
At 7.30 am he leaves for school. He has to reach there by eight. He is always on time it is his habit of getting there before schedule. He has a rough exterior, but he is very good at heart. He maintains discipline among the girls and boys of his class. He is a class teacher. With quiet efficiency, he maintains discipline during the Morning Prayer assembly.
He teaches English and is a good grammarian. He takes the roll call. Now starts his round of duties. He teaches the subject from the eighth to the 12th standard. He is a painstaking teacher. He teaches the subject thoroughly. He takes care of each one's handwriting. He gives a lot of home work for practice. Grammar rules have to be remembered which he asks in the class no one is spared. He gives importance to the subject as the medium of instruction and examination in English.
He is very fond of writing on the blackboard with the result that his palm gets white with chalk dust. He has to wash his hands when the period is over. At times, he calls students to write on the blackboard. During the recess period he is in the staff room checking our composition and grammar work. He very often goes to the library. He frequently chats with fellow teachers to compare notes. After the recess period, teachings continue till 1.30 p.m.
As he stays in the school campus, in the evenings he comes to the playground for games like badminton, cricket and volleyball. He plays too and inspires. He is backing home to spend time with his small family. His wife takes good care of him. She keeps the house spick and span and serves him vegetarian food.
A visit to his house shows a number of magazines like Reader's Digest, India Today, Outlook, Time and newspapers in his drawing room. He is also fond of reading books. One fine morning, I was surprised to find him helping his wife in the kitchen, washing dishes and drying them before breakfast.


AIDS means acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome .It is caused by the HIV Virus. AIDS patients lose the immunity power, continuous fever, Diarrhea, loss of weight and tiredness are symptoms of “aids".
Illegal sex is the major caused of spreading. HIV positive blood transmission unsterilized injections are also causes for AIDS. It may affect the child if its mother has AIDS. We cannot cure AIDS. But we can prevent it. AIDS can be prevented by AIDS Awareness Programs. Mass Media like radio, T.V and news papers have an important role in creating AIDS awareness.
AIDS is a fatal disease."One man- One people" should be our principle. AIDS is not a contagious disease. Let us jointly make an AIDS free society.
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