Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Teaching is considered a noble profession. Dr S. Radhakrishnan was a good teacher. His birthday, September 5, is celebrated as teacher’s day. Teachers are not very highly paid though.
Let us see how a teacher works through the day. "Plain living and high thinking" is the teacher's motto in life. He is a role model. His pupils learn from his example. He is really a living example to others. He influences his wards to a large extent as the latter spend so much time with him each day. The teacher gets up early in the morning at 5 o'clock with the crowing of the cock. After the call of nature, he bathes. He says his short prayer to god. He then takes a simple breakfast.
At 7.30 am he leaves for school. He has to reach there by eight. He is always on time it is his habit of getting there before schedule. He has a rough exterior, but he is very good at heart. He maintains discipline among the girls and boys of his class. He is a class teacher. With quiet efficiency, he maintains discipline during the Morning Prayer assembly.
He teaches English and is a good grammarian. He takes the roll call. Now starts his round of duties. He teaches the subject from the eighth to the 12th standard. He is a painstaking teacher. He teaches the subject thoroughly. He takes care of each one's handwriting. He gives a lot of home work for practice. Grammar rules have to be remembered which he asks in the class no one is spared. He gives importance to the subject as the medium of instruction and examination in English.
He is very fond of writing on the blackboard with the result that his palm gets white with chalk dust. He has to wash his hands when the period is over. At times, he calls students to write on the blackboard. During the recess period he is in the staff room checking our composition and grammar work. He very often goes to the library. He frequently chats with fellow teachers to compare notes. After the recess period, teachings continue till 1.30 p.m.
As he stays in the school campus, in the evenings he comes to the playground for games like badminton, cricket and volleyball. He plays too and inspires. He is backing home to spend time with his small family. His wife takes good care of him. She keeps the house spick and span and serves him vegetarian food.
A visit to his house shows a number of magazines like Reader's Digest, India Today, Outlook, Time and newspapers in his drawing room. He is also fond of reading books. One fine morning, I was surprised to find him helping his wife in the kitchen, washing dishes and drying them before breakfast.

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