Sunday, November 30, 2008


When I hear the word chicken, I can only imagine a plate of fried, tasty food. I love eating chicken. Among birds, the only bird I eat is chicken and nothing else.

There are lots of varieties available in chicken and I like almost all the varieties. The flesh of the chicken is soft and so it will gets digested easily. It is not possible with other non vegetarian foods. When the chicken is cooked with spice and served hot, I just eat like dog.

I do love fried chicken and other buffets available. Once I become rich, at least thrice in a week I will have chicken as my food. Let us hope for the best.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Revolving rain...

I was on a trip to my native regarding some personal work. I was traveling in a bus. It was heavily raining outside the bus. I noticed that the rain drops that are falling were inclined to some angle with respect to the speed of the bus.

When the bus stops, the rain drops become vertical and when it started moving, the rain drops started to drop in a 45 degree inclination. When the sped increases, the degree decreases. My doubt is, if I keep on increasing the speed of the bus, will the rain drops appear to be revolving?


Days were there when people carried floppy disk drives to copy their files and folders. The earlier days' floppy drives were too big and it was not able to store huge data. Then came the era of CDs. CDs became popular and it eradicated floppy disks from the society.

Man, the greedy creature was not satisfied with what he has. He wanted to get more from the technology. He worked hard and at last he invented USB flash drives. Now there are USB which can store data up to 160 GB and even more.

Think BIG!

I have read many personality development books. On the whole, they focus on three things. They are attitude, skill and knowledge. These are the main things that build a person's life. If we do not have these, then definitely we will lose some thing very big in our life.

Our dreams are our driving force. The bigger the force, bigger we achieve. We should aim to land on stars. If we miss it then we can land at least on the moon. If we aim for moon, we will land on mountains and if we aim for the mountains, then we will never go up.

Let us think big and become big by being a good human being with good characters.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Midas... from a different view...

I think it’s an imaginary story of Man. Hope every one would have heard this story...

Long long ago, very long ago, there lived a greedy king called Midas (oh damn! it goes like a story for the kids, let me give out in a new flavor).

Long time back, a greedy "F" (fool i mean) lived in a country where there were no cute looking girls. They were not cute but "cuter" and so they were the guy's wallet money "cutter". The above said "F" (fool again), was a greedy fellow and a king too.

His greediness went to an extent that he asked God Almighty to give him a wish. God, the Knower of All, wants to teach him a lesson. So, he gave it to him.

You know what the hell he asked? I know, you don't know. If you would have known, then you won’t be reading this line. You would have skipped this article.

Ok, coming back to the point... His wish was quite different... (Different at that time, but every politician's today wishes the same). He asked God to change everything into gold, which ever he touches. I have already told you in Fourth Para that God wants to teach him a lesson so he said YES to his wish. So, I think no need to tell the statement that God said yes to his wish.

Then came the climax of the story. He touched water, it turned gold. He was so happy. He touched his food, it turned gold. He started laughing like hell. He was into extreme happiness. Since he got extreme happiness, he wanted to make love with his wife...'s sister. She turned gold. Now only he understood the seriousness of the wish he had. Then Nature called him. He went to rest room and touched... the bucket I mean, it turned gold. He ran away from there and repents for his greediness. He was forgiven then. This is the end of the story.

Moral: - Always keep your wife's sister at home. You can learn lesson from her only...

ctrl Z...

It was a wednesnight, I and my friend was working with our projects' report. Since the next day was the last date to submit our report, we were working whole night without a sleep. We had to do some modifications in the code and while doing it, by mistake we deleted some twenty lines of code.

The worst part was, we didn't have back up of the code. Luckily the savior ctrl+z was there that day. If we wouldn't have ctrl z that day means our project would have got screwed literally. We, in our computer room, sitting during midnight was thanking Microsoft and Mr.Gates for their awesome product and their foreseeing work in Microsoft Word. Thanks CTRL+Z... Thanks Microsoft...

Thank you Bill gates…


Blogging has become a fashion today. In fact, passion for many people. The word "BLOG" has become the hot topic to discuss among young minds; since it pays a lot for their writings. Many of my friends do blog and few of them made me stun because I very well know their knowledge in English.

One of my close friends let his name be XXX for God's sake. He is "OKAY" in English. He can manage stuffs in English but I am damn sure that he is not capable in "writing" in English.

The question disturbed me through out the day. It was a "dysentery day" for me and so I was spending most of the time in the lavatory. Lavatory is one of the place where I get some time to think about the universe, theory of relativity, stories, people etc.,
I was into a deep thinking about "how my friend XXX makes an error free blog possible?"
Because, while writing and speaking, he makes lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. (Yeah, even while speaking he will make spelling mistakes). My back was aching like hell since I sat on the Lavatory "cushion" for more than twenty minutes.

I was not able to control my questions. I rang him as I came back from Lavatory (we, south Indians call it as kakkoos). After listening to my question, he replied, "its simple macha (macha - Indian version for dude) I use MS Word to correct spelling and grammar mistakes". There lied the million dollar answer for the billion dollar question.

Thank you Bill Gates, for making life for lot of grammerrorical kids in the world. Hail Billy, Hail Ms Office.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


If we take a survey on the sms forwards that has been sent everyday in all parts of the world. Friendship based messages will leads among other messages.
Friendship is pure, immaculate and a good thing if we have friendship with good people.

It’s better to be with a good friend than staying alone. At the same time, its better to stay alone than staying with a bad friend. I guess the word bad friend is a wrong usage. There won't be anything called cold fire, hot ice or Islamic terrorism.

I have got really good friends in my life. In that way I feel I am the most blessed person in the world. I have got friends who always take my burden away, share my pain, gives me encouragement and care. When I am with my friends, I feel I am the happiest guy in the world. But now I am sitting in my own village, missing all my friends.

I would like to put my best friends name over here...

Ilyas, yasir, taher, hussain, naveed, tanveer, prabhu, senthil, jagan, kaja, taiseer, karuna, kamal, senthil. If I am left with them, I don't need anything.

Missing you all my dear friends...
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