Sunday, November 23, 2008

Midas... from a different view...

I think it’s an imaginary story of Man. Hope every one would have heard this story...

Long long ago, very long ago, there lived a greedy king called Midas (oh damn! it goes like a story for the kids, let me give out in a new flavor).

Long time back, a greedy "F" (fool i mean) lived in a country where there were no cute looking girls. They were not cute but "cuter" and so they were the guy's wallet money "cutter". The above said "F" (fool again), was a greedy fellow and a king too.

His greediness went to an extent that he asked God Almighty to give him a wish. God, the Knower of All, wants to teach him a lesson. So, he gave it to him.

You know what the hell he asked? I know, you don't know. If you would have known, then you won’t be reading this line. You would have skipped this article.

Ok, coming back to the point... His wish was quite different... (Different at that time, but every politician's today wishes the same). He asked God to change everything into gold, which ever he touches. I have already told you in Fourth Para that God wants to teach him a lesson so he said YES to his wish. So, I think no need to tell the statement that God said yes to his wish.

Then came the climax of the story. He touched water, it turned gold. He was so happy. He touched his food, it turned gold. He started laughing like hell. He was into extreme happiness. Since he got extreme happiness, he wanted to make love with his wife...'s sister. She turned gold. Now only he understood the seriousness of the wish he had. Then Nature called him. He went to rest room and touched... the bucket I mean, it turned gold. He ran away from there and repents for his greediness. He was forgiven then. This is the end of the story.

Moral: - Always keep your wife's sister at home. You can learn lesson from her only...

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