Sunday, November 23, 2008


Blogging has become a fashion today. In fact, passion for many people. The word "BLOG" has become the hot topic to discuss among young minds; since it pays a lot for their writings. Many of my friends do blog and few of them made me stun because I very well know their knowledge in English.

One of my close friends let his name be XXX for God's sake. He is "OKAY" in English. He can manage stuffs in English but I am damn sure that he is not capable in "writing" in English.

The question disturbed me through out the day. It was a "dysentery day" for me and so I was spending most of the time in the lavatory. Lavatory is one of the place where I get some time to think about the universe, theory of relativity, stories, people etc.,
I was into a deep thinking about "how my friend XXX makes an error free blog possible?"
Because, while writing and speaking, he makes lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. (Yeah, even while speaking he will make spelling mistakes). My back was aching like hell since I sat on the Lavatory "cushion" for more than twenty minutes.

I was not able to control my questions. I rang him as I came back from Lavatory (we, south Indians call it as kakkoos). After listening to my question, he replied, "its simple macha (macha - Indian version for dude) I use MS Word to correct spelling and grammar mistakes". There lied the million dollar answer for the billion dollar question.

Thank you Bill Gates, for making life for lot of grammerrorical kids in the world. Hail Billy, Hail Ms Office.

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