Thursday, October 16, 2008

My first piggy bank...

In some corners of every soul, saving money takes a place. People used to save things, money, assets, medicines etc. Not only people but many other living things do save things. From plants to ants, everything saves something for their tomorrows.

I think man has learned the habit of saving from them only. Many kids in the world have their own piggy bank to save every pennies or dollars their dad gives them. I had my own piggy bank in which I have saved lot and lots of money in my childhood.
I ate with it, I slept with it, I peed with it and I almost lived a life with it. I have never allowed anyone to touch it or take it. Once, my relative came to my home. I was little bit crazy on her. She was my second crush I guess. She came to our home for a vacation and we had a good time being together. When she was about to leave, she asked me to give me a gift. I asked her to take anything she want from me (I thought
she will ask my heart or a kiss so that we can have romance and end up in bed, but
this happened at the age of 7 and so nothing happened). She wanted my piggy bank.
That too with money filled with it. I was about to cry after she asked my loving piggy bank.

But according to my own rule number 84, a guy should never cry before a girl unless you can get a hug from her after you cry. I gave her my piggy bank after some agreement. Whenever I need a kiss, she should give one. She said okay to that.

We are 25 years old now. She still has the piggy bank.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

college culturals

Every college has its own cultural every year. This is the only time in which students relax themselves and have joy and fun for few days. Few engineering jail schools in India restrict students' freedom even at that time (chuck them). The fun starts from naming their cultural to inviting chief guest.

Every student tries his / her level best to show and prove his / her talents hidden inside them to their mates. Some go for music, some for dance, some for skits, some for performances, some to encourage, some to boo, some to mock and some to bunk the whole event. Who ever it be, there is a place for everyone in every cultural.

The college where I studied engineering too has cultural. It is the most exciting period we have in our college for every year. It will stay as the most remembering part in our college life for all the final year students. I have just finished my engineering and I know the pain of missing the most lovable college on earth. Miss you crescent. Missing you fellow crescentians.

Sardarji again...

Hope you would have enjoyed the sardarji story which has been posted few days back. Here is another one. Hope you will like it.
A sardarji told to another sardarji," hey yesterday I got an important commitment in our business. I had a doubt in it. So I was about to call you. But unfortunately I missed your telephone number. I searched my whole house but unable to get it. I suffered a lot since I missed your telephone number".
The second sardarji dropped out a sarcastic look at the other one and replied, "hey fool, why did you searched in your home for my phone number, Instead you could have called me na, I would have told you”, the sardarji laughed out louder at the other one.

Heights of Creativity: Ads...

In today's consumerized world, people go for a product which gets advertised a lot. From eye brow stick to underwear, the business selling of a product depends upon the advertisement made for that particular product. There are people who go for brand name and quality. But, on the whole, Advertisements have a major impact in a business.
Advertising and marketing needs high and creativity. It has to touch all categories of people and tempt them to buy the product which gets advertised. The learning ability differs from people to people. There are many dumb people who find it so hard to understand even a simple concept some people go for contextual meaning, which is hidden inside a particular concept.
The medium of advertisement is growing day by day. New forms, technologies, ideas and Innovations are taking place in the advertising media. The budget for advertising keeps on increasing in all the companies and corporations. No one will spend hell out of money without getting any returns. Ninety percent of blogs and bloggers in the world are surviving because of Ad postings. I am no exception.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Missed Call...

The term missed call evolved after mobile phones came into market. At first, the "missed call" option was introduced by the mobile phone manufacturing companies to make the user know the calls which he/she missed when he/she was busy.
Now a days, there is a new meaning formed for missed call. Since there is no cost charged for missed call, people started using this option as a signal for something. The phrases "I'll call you when I reach there", "I'll give you a call when I finish this", "drop me a call when you arrive" etc, changed to "I'll give you a missed call when I reach there", "I'll give you a missed call when I finish this" and so on. The term missed call has become the meaning to denote that something has been done.
More than that, the word missed call is turning as a verb now. There are sentences came into existence like this, "I'll miss call you", "miss call me" and so on. It means, instead of calling, and talking, just give me a ring and cut the line. I'll understand that the deal is done or ready.

Love thy neighbor

In modern world, we don't have time to take care of our own family also. But it is a good culture to have good relationships with the neighbors. As we started missing our cultures and values, this statement may sound weird. The person who cannot able to get good name from his neighbor cannot get good will any where.

The person who gives peace and harmony to his or her neighbor will be among the best person’s crowd in the world. We should maintain relationships with our neighbors such that if some third person sees it, he or she should get a doubt like "Are you going to give a part of your wealth to him in your will?"

More than everything, we should take care and love our neighbors. After hearing this statement, I have tried implementing this. It gave me a good response. I am respected and valued by my neighbors.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting up early...

Getting up early is considered among many youngsters as one of the biggest sins in the world. Some youngsters are very proud that they get up late. People who get up early are called and mocked as "nerds".

Many people don't realize the benefits of getting up early. We can get extra time to do our work. In other words, if youths get up early, they can finish off their stupid bugging jobs soon and can flirt with their so called "close" friends for few more hours making their mobile balance to zero though they have put some additional offers for less cost for out going calls.

In today's polluted world, we can get pure air (45% pure) only during early mornings.
Once the vehicles start its works, air, noise and many more pollutions come into the show. Let us put a full stop to those late night chats and start getting up early and
bring in a new world. It is 1.14 mid night now, Good night.

Psychology questions two...

Here is the psychology question two. You were given a remote control. The deal is that, if you press a button in the remote, one of your most hated enemies will die. No matter where he is, how he is... He will die and the best part of the deal is, he will die leaving no evidence about the killer. That is, you will not get caught at all. No one will come to know that you are the one who is behind this murder.

Now sit back, relax and say... will you press the button in the remote? Just bring your most hated enemy in your mind, the revenge you wanted to take against him.

Most of us will go for the deal and press it. This is what surviving deep inside everyone's heart. We behave like human since some one watch us. When we are left free, the animal inside us wakes up.

When I was asked this question, I said, "I'll press it twice. What if the first press doesn't work?"

Psychology question 1

There are two questions to test your actual internal psychology. The answer easily brings out who you are. Here are the questions... Answer yourself and let you know who actually you are...

Question number one: - What will you do when you become a hollow man? To add more essence to this question, let me put this out in a different way. Where and all will you go when you become invisible? Forget everything, sit relax fully and open your mind and see where your mind moves on when your physical appearance becomes invisible.

This is a simple test to find out how perversion invaded our deep thoughts. There are few people who really live a gentlemen life; like... (No not me!)

When I was posed this question, to be very frank, I thought like... I thought like...

p.s:- I can put it here. But this site won’t allow any adult content inside blog.
My blog is a very decent one you know...
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