Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heights of Creativity: Ads...

In today's consumerized world, people go for a product which gets advertised a lot. From eye brow stick to underwear, the business selling of a product depends upon the advertisement made for that particular product. There are people who go for brand name and quality. But, on the whole, Advertisements have a major impact in a business.
Advertising and marketing needs high and creativity. It has to touch all categories of people and tempt them to buy the product which gets advertised. The learning ability differs from people to people. There are many dumb people who find it so hard to understand even a simple concept some people go for contextual meaning, which is hidden inside a particular concept.
The medium of advertisement is growing day by day. New forms, technologies, ideas and Innovations are taking place in the advertising media. The budget for advertising keeps on increasing in all the companies and corporations. No one will spend hell out of money without getting any returns. Ninety percent of blogs and bloggers in the world are surviving because of Ad postings. I am no exception.

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