Saturday, October 4, 2008

Psychology question 1

There are two questions to test your actual internal psychology. The answer easily brings out who you are. Here are the questions... Answer yourself and let you know who actually you are...

Question number one: - What will you do when you become a hollow man? To add more essence to this question, let me put this out in a different way. Where and all will you go when you become invisible? Forget everything, sit relax fully and open your mind and see where your mind moves on when your physical appearance becomes invisible.

This is a simple test to find out how perversion invaded our deep thoughts. There are few people who really live a gentlemen life; like... (No not me!)

When I was posed this question, to be very frank, I thought like... I thought like...

p.s:- I can put it here. But this site won’t allow any adult content inside blog.
My blog is a very decent one you know...

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