Tuesday, October 7, 2008

college culturals

Every college has its own cultural every year. This is the only time in which students relax themselves and have joy and fun for few days. Few engineering jail schools in India restrict students' freedom even at that time (chuck them). The fun starts from naming their cultural to inviting chief guest.

Every student tries his / her level best to show and prove his / her talents hidden inside them to their mates. Some go for music, some for dance, some for skits, some for performances, some to encourage, some to boo, some to mock and some to bunk the whole event. Who ever it be, there is a place for everyone in every cultural.

The college where I studied engineering too has cultural. It is the most exciting period we have in our college for every year. It will stay as the most remembering part in our college life for all the final year students. I have just finished my engineering and I know the pain of missing the most lovable college on earth. Miss you crescent. Missing you fellow crescentians.

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