Monday, October 6, 2008

Missed Call...

The term missed call evolved after mobile phones came into market. At first, the "missed call" option was introduced by the mobile phone manufacturing companies to make the user know the calls which he/she missed when he/she was busy.
Now a days, there is a new meaning formed for missed call. Since there is no cost charged for missed call, people started using this option as a signal for something. The phrases "I'll call you when I reach there", "I'll give you a call when I finish this", "drop me a call when you arrive" etc, changed to "I'll give you a missed call when I reach there", "I'll give you a missed call when I finish this" and so on. The term missed call has become the meaning to denote that something has been done.
More than that, the word missed call is turning as a verb now. There are sentences came into existence like this, "I'll miss call you", "miss call me" and so on. It means, instead of calling, and talking, just give me a ring and cut the line. I'll understand that the deal is done or ready.

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