Saturday, October 4, 2008

Psychology questions two...

Here is the psychology question two. You were given a remote control. The deal is that, if you press a button in the remote, one of your most hated enemies will die. No matter where he is, how he is... He will die and the best part of the deal is, he will die leaving no evidence about the killer. That is, you will not get caught at all. No one will come to know that you are the one who is behind this murder.

Now sit back, relax and say... will you press the button in the remote? Just bring your most hated enemy in your mind, the revenge you wanted to take against him.

Most of us will go for the deal and press it. This is what surviving deep inside everyone's heart. We behave like human since some one watch us. When we are left free, the animal inside us wakes up.

When I was asked this question, I said, "I'll press it twice. What if the first press doesn't work?"

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