Thursday, October 16, 2008

My first piggy bank...

In some corners of every soul, saving money takes a place. People used to save things, money, assets, medicines etc. Not only people but many other living things do save things. From plants to ants, everything saves something for their tomorrows.

I think man has learned the habit of saving from them only. Many kids in the world have their own piggy bank to save every pennies or dollars their dad gives them. I had my own piggy bank in which I have saved lot and lots of money in my childhood.
I ate with it, I slept with it, I peed with it and I almost lived a life with it. I have never allowed anyone to touch it or take it. Once, my relative came to my home. I was little bit crazy on her. She was my second crush I guess. She came to our home for a vacation and we had a good time being together. When she was about to leave, she asked me to give me a gift. I asked her to take anything she want from me (I thought
she will ask my heart or a kiss so that we can have romance and end up in bed, but
this happened at the age of 7 and so nothing happened). She wanted my piggy bank.
That too with money filled with it. I was about to cry after she asked my loving piggy bank.

But according to my own rule number 84, a guy should never cry before a girl unless you can get a hug from her after you cry. I gave her my piggy bank after some agreement. Whenever I need a kiss, she should give one. She said okay to that.

We are 25 years old now. She still has the piggy bank.

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