Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting up early...

Getting up early is considered among many youngsters as one of the biggest sins in the world. Some youngsters are very proud that they get up late. People who get up early are called and mocked as "nerds".

Many people don't realize the benefits of getting up early. We can get extra time to do our work. In other words, if youths get up early, they can finish off their stupid bugging jobs soon and can flirt with their so called "close" friends for few more hours making their mobile balance to zero though they have put some additional offers for less cost for out going calls.

In today's polluted world, we can get pure air (45% pure) only during early mornings.
Once the vehicles start its works, air, noise and many more pollutions come into the show. Let us put a full stop to those late night chats and start getting up early and
bring in a new world. It is 1.14 mid night now, Good night.

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