Thursday, February 26, 2009


IPod has become one more organ in every gadget geeks' body. Many will go crazy if their iPod doesn't work. IPod is one of the kids of today's technology. The sound clarity is one of the prime reasons for the success of the iPod. The other reason for the success is the social prestige one receives on owning an iPod.

Though iPod is not as simple as an mp3 player, it is welcomed by many people. It is not easy to load songs in an iPod like what we do in an mp3 player. We need separate software called iTunes such that our pc and iPod get interfaced. So those who don’t have a pc can better stay away from iPod.

In spite of all these technological jargons, the success of the iPods in the market was big; really big. This is because of the quality an iPod has. This shows us one thing; people are ready to pay any cost if they get quality in return. There is a lesson for business people in the success of iPods.

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