Friday, February 27, 2009

I have a friend of mine. He is in fact, one of my best friends; better than the best I would say. He is from Kashmir. He often says that his native is a lost paradise. He is a very energetic guy and one of the very few broad and awesome attitude guys I have ever seen in my quarter century life.

Whenever he talks about Kashmir, his face turns sad and he says only "sad, sadder and saddest" things about Kashmir. Life in Kashmir is miserable; this is what his ultimate statement about Kashmir.

Quite often we tease him like "kashmiri's are jobless; they either protest or go for a bomb blast etc., One day he asked a question to me.

-What will you do if you have a just born baby and the supply of baby food and medicines blocked for more than a month?
-What will you do if your basic needs get blocked?
-What will you do when some one fell sick and goes serious condition and you are not allowed to move out of your home?
-What will you do when everyone in your family is missing when you get up on a fine morning?
-What will you do when your only beloved sister gets gang raped and murdered?
-What will you do when your only child gets shot dead by some one for no reason?

There were many more questions. I was left without answers. The answers for above questions are a part of Kashmiri’s life.

I am answerless; In fact every one of us is. We are shameless too for our answerless state. As of now, to console him, I can only state a verse from Qur'aan, Allah says in the qur'aan like "oh! people, do you think that you can enter paradise so easily withou any tests from God?" I don't know the exact verse, I'll update you as soon as I get it.

Though it is lost, a paradise is always a paradise. Don’t worry Ilyas; at least our grandchildren "may" live in a peaceful Kashmir...

Watch the presentation about Kashmiri’s life... Join hands; raise your voice, let’s spread peace and humanity, at least to our neighbors...

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anneberly said...

as much as I wanted to extend my heart and mind on this questions but this will just create sadness and worries within us. We have to put trust in God
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