Friday, February 27, 2009


Without the technology we have for today, nothing will be there. Blogs, computers, pay per post, online transaction, scandals and everything will not exist in the world. Technology is making revolution every now and then. So, what is the use of having a blog without discussing and sharing the assets of technology? This blog is dedicated to technology. In fact, I would like to make this blog as a tribute to all the researchers and scientists who sacrificed their sleep, love, life just for the sophistication we have for today.

We live in the era of technology. The technology we have today is not a single night work. Many brains have worked for years and years to achieve what we are enjoying today.
Many scientists and researchers have lost their sleep and worked day and night to bring a tiny advancement and progress in the technology they had that time. Thanks to every one who made the technology which is ruling today possible? Thanks to those who lose their sleep for our better sleep today. Thanks to those who sacrificed their life for our satisfied life today.

Thanks to all the wives of the scientists who made today's technology possible since they didn't bug their hubby. Thanks to one and all who worked for everything we have for today.

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