Friday, February 27, 2009

A life is a life is a life

Today, divorce has become “BINGO” word for many couples. The divorce rate keeps on increasing in every part of the world. The first and foremost reasons for divorce are “misunderstanding” and “ego”. No single couple in the world had a life without any misunderstanding. This suits for the first couple Adam and Eve to the couple who are going to come till the end of the world.

What makes some couple to lead a successful life even though they had misunderstanding and others to go for a divorce for silly chilly arguments?

The answer is very simple; it is understanding and adjustments. First of all, we have to believe in a very famous statement, “No one is perfect”. It is very true. No one in the world today is perfect. Everyone have their own merits and demerits. This suits for the couples too. Every bride and groom has some excellence of their own and some pit falls. If one doesn’t like some qualities in a person, let him or her forget the bad qualities and start loving him or her for the good qualities he or she definitely has.

Understand your life partner. If they have anything wrong with them, try to make them understand better about themselves; or if it is useless criticizing them, try to adjust with the good qualities one possesses.

If every couple starts adapting these two ways, then for sure, the divorce rate will decrease across the globe.

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