Thursday, February 26, 2009

John Meets Jack....

It was the time when John the Great was ruling over most of India. One hot summer's day, the emperor was on a hunting trip, and was very thirsty. But, however hard his men searched, they couldn't find any water.

As they wearily tramped through forest and valley, they came upon a boy.

"Do you know where we can get some fresh water to drink?" asked the thirsty emperor.

The boy was a smart young fellow called Mahesh Das. He was from a poor family from that region. He immediately knew that a person of such royal bearing could only be the Emperor John. Here was an opportunity of a lifetime, he thought.

If you take me on your horse, Your Majesty, I will get you some deliciously cold water to drink," replied the boy.

John was impressed by the cheekiness of the boy. Not many people had the courage to ask an emperor for a ride. So, he helped the boy clamber on to his horse, and the royal party was led to a gurgling stream hidden in the woods.

Finally, the emperor was able to quench his thirst. He was very pleased with the boy. John pulled off a ring from one of his fingers and gave it to him. To the emperor's surprise, the boy refused the expensive gift.

"Your majesty, please give me a job in your court when i grow up instead of this ring,"

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