Friday, February 27, 2009

Sweet memories...

Folks! Do you remember the pre historic 3.5 inch floppy disks which were used to store 5 mb data? Then came an advanced technology which made things compact. Yes, it was the time when 1.5 inches sized floppy disks with 1.44 mega byte storage. It was called as a revolution that time. The usage of floppy disks became higher. People like me started using them since it was cheap and compact. Every entity related to the computer science field had a floppy in their shirt / skirt pocket. It was considered as a pride to have a floppy that time. The 1.5 inches floppy disks existed till the year 2002. Those who had so many floppys with them were considered as "geeks".

The life of 1.44 mb floppy didn't last for long time. Soon, the era of compact disks started. Though compact disks (cds in short) were in the market, not many people bought it because of the cost and the technologies needed to write the data in the cds.
Once the price of cd writers and cds went down, cds replaced floppy disks every where. Data upto 700 mb were written into a CD with the same cost of a floppy disk drive. So, people, who have nurture towards change, shifted their mind sets to CDs and rest all is history.

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