Sunday, April 26, 2009

Halwa sweet halwa...

Halwa (also called as ALWA) is a famous Indian sweet. It is very popular in a south Indian state. It is basically made of wheat, excess of ghee, sugar paste. It looks blackish brown or brownish black jelly kind of material. When we put it in our mouth, if it is a good quality halwa, then it will "dissolve" in our mouth. It will dissolve as if it is made of wax and your mouth is made of fire. It tastes very sweet and looks very oily. Since it is filled with sweet you cannot "gulp" it at a time. You can enjoy it little by little everyday. But you have to heat it every time before eating if you are going to stove it for a long time. Have Halwa for one time, you will never forget its taste in your life time.
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