Monday, April 13, 2009

Golden economy...

Any country's money value and its economy is judged by the amount of gold it hold. The economy depends on the gold possessed by any country.
The world markets, share markets across the globe crude oil prices everything depends directly or indirectly on the gold's value. If you want to make money invest it in gold. Gold's value never goes down. It will be at least ten cents move than what you spent to buy it.
It is a safer and secure way to buy and hold more gold. If you do so, you are indirectly helping your country in increasing the value of the economy. There are some economists who say that saving more gold at home doesn't give any profit; instead we can invest in business. Business has profit and loss. The probability is 1/2 for both. Why to take risk when you can have a safe place to stand? There are some economists who object saving gold.
My question is, than why the hell the economy of a country is valued by the amount of gold it holds?

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