Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have read it in a news paper. It was printed in the tit bits section. The tit bit was like this. "There are 10 types if people in the world who know binary and don't know binary number system". I was laughing for hours after reading this tit bits. (Note: In binary 10 equals to 2 in decimal number system).
All the computer science students have to study binary number system. This is because, the computers know, learn, hear, see, speak, display, love, cry, shout, laugh nothing but in binary. We cannot say I love you to a computer and 10110111000011111101010101 to a girl or guy. Therefore in order to understand the operation of a computer. It is better to know at least the basics for binary number system.
Though I hate mathematics, I love number systems and conversion of number from one number system to the other number systems. I am the best student in the class when it comes to number systems and conversions. I'll finish the problems so fast and I start teach in my class mates (girls particularly). Binary is one of the things which made my flirting dreams come true.

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