Sunday, April 5, 2009

Calculator words...

I usually play with my calculator. Play with calculator? Yes. I try finding (forming) words using normal calculator. I bet with my friend and since I have lot of practice, I won the bet.
The words normally once can guess are LOOSE, LOSE, LOSS and few more. The numbers which are used instead of letters are zero for 'o', one for 'L' or 'I', three for 'E', Nine for 'G', Four for 'h', five for 's', seven for 'L'.
As we have O, E, I the three major vowels. We can form many words. You can also try out forming as many words as possible. The letters are O, L, I, E, G, H, S. Try forming words in a paper. You can make it in calculator if you are able to find it on paper. Few examples are Loss, Lose, Losses, Loses, Sole, Sell, So, See, sees, Lee, Lees, I, IS, HE, SHE, SHELL, SHELLS, HELL, HELLS etc.

Have enough time to sit idle? Don’t waste your time. Try finding more and more words and have fun with the calculator.

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