Sunday, April 26, 2009

Electrical and electronics...

Wherever you go, you can find two things, one is electrical oriented stuffs and the other one is electronic oriented devices. I had a doubt about the difference between electrical field and the electronics field. I have asked many people but they didn't give me a prompt reply which satisfies my mind.

I started searching for the difference. Some people said like electrical field deals with amperes and mega amperes where as electronics works with milli amperes and micro amperes. Therefore, the usage amount of current makes the difference. This answer is true but we cannot say it as the correct answer. It may be one of the correct answers for my question.

After a long gap, I have got an answer which is more appropriate to my question. Electrical makes the machines to run and stop. Where as electronics take the power to control the machine. I guess this would be an appropriate answer. When it comes to controlling, then its none other than electronic devices which takes care of it. It doesn't mean that we cannot control any machine using electrical devices alone. We can. But the cost for doing the work gets lesser when we use electronic devices than using electrical devices.

Cheapness in price and compactness are the prime reasons for the success of electronics.


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