Thursday, April 23, 2009


This article does not discuss about hippopotamus but hip, pot, am and us.
Hip- One of the greatest weapon girls have. In western world, people are not much "aware" of such weapon. But in countries like India, where people doesn't have much hard works except eating, sleeping and generating people, lot of research and development are under process in the area called "Hip".
This article deals with one such hip that made me "hang" for a while. Before getting into it, let me give you two universal truths. UT One is, The Sun rises in east. UT two is, Muthalib (its me) never looks at girls (inclusive of aunts, babes, babies and so on).
I was living like a saint in somewhere in the middle cornered top at the bottom of Tamil nadu. It was during a rainy day so I bunked college and was sincerely watching TV. In some crap serial, a character was working in her kitchen.

She was about to take some thing from the cup board which was placed above her. As she raised her hand to take the stuff, "It" was clearly visible. I make sure that no one is around me and so I went near the TV to see "it" clearly. It happened for 7.3 seconds.
I really enjoyed seeing "it". She took the stuff and turned back. Surprise; she had a moustache; and it was not "she" but "he".

The female in the serial was actually a male who was acting as a female. It seems that was some comedy serial.

That was the first and last hip I have ever stared...

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