Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jesus, let peace be upon him...

Jesus, some people call him as God, some people call him as son of god and few people say, he is one among god and there is lot of controversies about him.

From Islamic perspective, Jesus let peace be upon him, is one of the messengers of God. He is neither God, nor son of God. His mother Mary (Mariam) let peace be upon her was one of the purest women of the world. Jesus’ peace be upon him birth was a miracle. He took birth without any males' intervention.

He was given many miracles by God, He can give life to a dead person, and he can cure blindness and many more diseases. All these happened with the mercy and help of The God Almighty. He came to the world to guide people to worship One God and to do good deeds. And yes, he will again come to earth when the Day of Judgment is near by.

Many people mistake by taking Jesus peace be upon him as God or Son of God or one among God.

Let us follow the truth and get rid from hell fire.


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