Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I heard a song from a south Indian Movie. It is a musicals movie. The song was a philosophy based say. I liked the lyric very much. Here is the translation of the lyrics. "There exists only one king (God Almighty), Rest all are his servants. Those who waste their time thinking about fate and ill fate are fools and those who win their fate are cruel. What’s the need of weapons to win the earth? What’s the need of axe to pick a flower? Let it be Gold or world what’s the need of wars? If you are free of greedy, then the universe will be yours. Grave wants to win man, man wants to win grave. It is the grave that wins the race. But our mind is the one that denies the race. If you have little money in your hand, you are its master. If you have so much money that can even make you drown into it, then it is your master. Understand the truth of life. Give it a dive to strive. Awesome isn’t it?
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