Saturday, April 11, 2009


Poems and epics are present most of the world languages. There are certain rules and regulations in making a poem. The rules vary from language to language, region to region etc. As the time changes, the rules and regulation do take a change. There two things for the rules in the world. The rules have to suit for all the time or else the rule has to be flexible. Other wise, the rule will be ruled out from the world.

Many languages took many shapes time by time to survive in the world. In the technology era, no one has time to enjoy hundred words poems or the poems with typical rules and custom. The world today is a fast changing world. At times its fastness reaches turbo stage. So, a poet has to do his work such that a man from this age can enjoy with the time span he has.

Japanese invented haiku and it got transformed to all over the world. Now, people don't get time for haikus too and it’s again the time to change the rules for poems. I have tried few poems (poetic words would be proper term I guess) with the new rules. Here are some... Each bullet represents a poem...

- Love

- Mother

- Smile

- Forgiving

- Helping hand

- Prayer

- Hard work

- Can

- Rain

- Infant

- Rainbow

- Nature

Last but not the least...

- Me

- And My blog... (lol)

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