Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travel into Tragedy...

I love traveling a lot. That too when it is a night journey, I just hurry myself to go for it. I like both bus and train journey. Recently I was in a business trip. It was a bus journey.

Traveling in an air conditioned bus is one of my long time dreams. So I planned to have a A/C bus travel that time. I went to the bus terminus and booked a ticket for myself. Joy filled in my mind that my very first A/C bus journey is going to happen in a very short time.

I have got a window seat, which is the most favorite seat of every human in the world. I switched on the A/C which was above my head. It was working properly. I was the first guy to get into the bus.
I started planning on enjoying the whole bus trip.

People started coming one by one. The bus was in a complete silence with all the air conditioners switched on. It was the 17th minute from the time when I got into the bus. I heard a weird sound at my back seat. I looked back. One bugger was vomitting. There was no one to clean it. My first AC bus journey turned a tragedy.

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