Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I and PQT

I am an engineer. I am an engineer NOW. The latter will be more appropriate than the former. I am a computer engineer it seems. That’s what Anna University says in its course certificate. I finished (ufff...) my engineering course in crescent engineering college, a very well known college in Chennai.

We, the Anna university engineering students have 6 to 9 subjects for every semester and we have 8 semesters totally. Among the subjects we studied (lol); there are few subjects which passes fast like a cloud. Some subjects stick with us like clay. This is because, engineering students love few subjects and on the other hand, some sujects love engineering students. Cloud is the former and the latter is the clay.

Since the subject loves the student very much, it wont leave them at all and wants to stay with them through out their life (college life at least). PQT is one among them.
Probability and queuing theory (random process for some) is the paper which loved almost all the engineering students.

Every time when the exam time table comes, students get keen about the date for PQT. Pupil cancels all their dates and get ready for pqt date. Every time when we write the exam, it becomes like we are filing a case to divorce pqt from our life. But luckily PQT wins the case and stays with us for one more semester.

I had PQT in my 4th semester and I stayed till my end of the college life. I wrote it for 5 times and still it stayed with me since it had a crush on me. The last semester came and I was carrying PQT yet. We were put into high pressure and tension. We have to give out our best shot and hit it away. It was like a do or better die situation. I searched for some one who can help me in preparing the subject. No one was ready. I have got a very good friend of mine, called Naveed. He is a born genius I would say. Even he carried the paper and suggested me for a combined night study. I was very happy that Naveed was ready to help me out.

We stayed in one of our friend’s house. He was actually getting ready to prepare on that night. I suggested him for a nap. He had no other go and so accepted. We didn't have a nap but deep sleep. When we woke up it was 10.30 am the next day.

Our night study got screwed because of my suggestion. We were running back to our homes as we had pqt the next day. The question paper was completely confusing as usual. Since we had one more exam in the afternoon, we were not even able to celebrate our sadness that we didn't do well PQT.

All the exams got over and we were in our last vacation in our life. One fine Friday morning the result got released. I was not able to access net and so asked few of my friends to check my result. When I heard the word "result released", my mind instantly thought about "what would happen for PQT?" I dint think about any other subject’s results.

I had a deal with my friends that, if I had cleared all the papers, they can call me. Otherwise they should not. I will understand that I screwed my life. I was waiting for the results and I was able to feel that my body's temperature was rising. The phone rang, and it was my friend. I attended the call. He asked with a low voice, "Macha what is MA1252 da?" I understood. But to give answer to his million dollar question, I said, "PQT macha". "Macha you didn't clear PQT da", he replied.


I felt as if I was thrown into hell fire. Not only me but most of my friends got arrear in PQT. PQT alone, in fact. I didn't do anything. Simply sitting for the whole day regretting for the mistakes which I have done from childhood.

I have applied for re-evaluation with no hope. When I went back to college, I felt as if I was entering nude. Some how I applied for re-val. Some people advised, I advised my juniors, some people gave hope. All these got over that day.

I came to my native for a business project. I started thinking about alternatives for bread and butter since I lost hope in BE. I cannot be a BE any more. This is what filled my mind. Luckily the business project gave me a shift to my mind and I slowly started forgetting PQT. One fine evening I got a sms that re-val results have come.
Again I asked same friends, same deal. One of my friends who applied for re-val checked his results and he didn't cleared. He studies better than me. I lost hope and was damn sure that I screwed my own a**. After a while, my mobile rang. My friend was on call and said, "Macha congrats, you are an engineer now. You have cleared PQT".


SenG said...

very interesting story.. still i'm hoping to become engineer, because of very interesting PQT

Shiva said...

Interestingly I got PQT too. I'm in my 7th semester now. Read your emotional story. I can understand how bloody hell PQT could be. Reading it to get rid of it. Regs, Guhan

einsteincalls said...

really great......I understand ur feelings as I was lucky to pass in the first attempt...but my friends struggle to get pass marks from that paper...as of now, i m in 8 th semester...

Vasanth Benjamin said...

Hey Bro,

I can't agree more to your story. Very well written and well said, PQT is still married to me, and I am trying to divorce it by all means, hope this time I surely will. If I do, I will put my story here just alongside yours.

God bless all who have PQT.

Vasanth Benjamin said...

just like i promised am replying to my last post i made 4 months back. Dude, after 6 attempts, I finally passed PQT and have thrown it back to its bins...

But this time, i prayed to God and worked hard for over 3 full months, trying out every single problem, and God blessed me by showing one anna univ professor who taught me like God himself. Thanks to him I got 78% in PQT, this is a mark, which I cant even dream off, but still I made it with flying colors.

I will never ever forget PQT in my life, coz its one subject which almost ruined my entire life.... Thanks to God and to my Professor.

-Vazz @ www.gravityoflife.blogspot.com

Ram said...

Hi bro,
very interesting story,im in 4th sem right now,wrote this paper on 29.
it was shit of a paper to say the least..
God Helps..
AU affliated student re-lives to tell his/her tale
God..help us all

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