Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fish story...

Once in a village which was near a shore, lived a fisherman. His everyday routine is to catch fishes, return home early, play with his children, and take a nap with his wife during after noon. It was a famous sea shore village and so many tourists used to visit the place.

Once, one young man was visiting the village and some how he got contact with the fisherman. The young man was very impressed with the taste of the fishes he catches and asked him about his life.

The fisherman said, "Ill catch some fishes, return home soon, play with my children, have a fiesta with my wife". The tourist exclaimed and said, "You are wasting your time buddy. If you follow my advice then you can live a better life". "Better life? How?" questioned the fisherman.

The young tourist said, “You should catch fish for more time and start fishing earlier, so that you can get more fish. Once you get more fish you can sell them in the market and can get more pennies."

"After that?"

"Once you make more money you can buy a boat on your own and so you can fish for longer time and so you can get more and more fishes and then you can sell them directly in the market."

"After that?"

"Then you can move to city and can start your own enterprise where you can directly negotiate with the customers and can make money like anything"

"After that?"

"After becoming rich, you can settle yourself in a sea shore village, play with your children, have a fiesta with your wife and can live happily."

"Oh! How long will it take to do that?"

"Hmmm... twenty five to thirty years..."

"Oh what you say to get after twenty years is what I am now, so why wasting twenty years?" the fisherman put his last question.

"..........." the young tourist, who has done masters in business administration at Harvard, went quietly.


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