Friday, September 26, 2008

Better Living Thoughts...

One of my friend yasir, who is gonna be a future psychologist and philosopher sends me his thoughts quite often. It is a forward sms. But Worth. Here are some...

Sacrifice is often associated with profit. Giving up a beloved thing is always intended to bring back something bigger or better in return. pain is little for those who calculate more of what they gain than what they lose. Think sacrifice, think winning.

Frankness is not necessarily a virtue. the world would be terrible to live in if all were to share whatever they thought about people and things. what we feel others may not be in our control, but how we react to them is certainly in ours. Understand situations, express appropriately.

There is nothing that man doesn't deserve. Every feat, every triumph, every accomplishment was made by those who saw more than what the average could dream of. Unusual challenges were always won using unusual means. Break the defeatist attitude; get started towards the winning habit.

You become what your mind is occupied with most of the time. If problems, gossips, complaints and animosity dominate it, negative energy will encompass you. Marching on proactively towards our goals and learning to accept things on the way creates an impeccable aura of optimism. you cannot control the world but you certainly can what should engage your mind.

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