Friday, September 26, 2008

A topic about Topics

Topics are the life saver for all the chats, flirts, dialogues, deals, and agreements etc., that happen in every second in all over the world.The range of topics that’s been discussed in the world cannot be ranged at all. It differs from age to age, man to man, girl to girl, gang to gang, country to country, guy to guy, guy to girl and so on.

For example, we will take an Infant who just stepped in to the world. At first, he the topic he would like to discuss is with God. On his first “scream”, he will say, “Oh Almighty, Why the hell am I here?” Before he receives God’s reply, the staff nurse will take him to his mom, who just received an operation to take the baby.

Next his screaming will discuss with the Nurse, He will try making a haiku out of his screaming. The haiku goes like this, “A babe, carrying a baby!!!” Unfortunately, the staff nurse will not be able to comprehend what the infant was commenting.

Then comes his mom, where he strikes for his food. As the day passes, the infant will become kid, and his topics will moves on to dolls, pictures, colors etc.

When he becomes a boy, he slowly start talking about playing, whose dad is best etc.
Then he becomes a guy, where he always talks about girls and if he is a gay, he, of course, talks about guys only. Then he becomes a man, and his talks will be on profession, work, family, children, health etc. After years pass, he will become Old man and at last at his death bed, he again starts asking the Holy Almighty, “Oh God, Why the hell I was here?” Now, He can clearly get back his God’s reply, “Son, to take back you”
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