Sunday, September 28, 2008


Times were there people used to register their everyday programs like tensions, screws, happy, shouts, shits, Fs etc in a diary. Almost 80% of the crowd starts their efforts in some "aggression". But soon after 2 days, it will go down since their laziness override them. There are few holy humans in the world that has the hobby of looking at others diaries. So many people were literally scared about writing everything in their diaries. So eventually diary writing, one of the best hobbies in the world (and in the here after) came to a downfall. The time has changed now and the world is upgrading itself to "e". Like in the word "everywhere", the letter "e" replaced much prehistoric stuff in the world. Same way, diaries has become e-diaries, which are blogs now. Everyone who wants to shout or scream at the world that they are some one who are capable of blowing their trumpet, sax, flute or whistling at least can do it through blog. Thanks to the servers which holds terabytes of data which are updated and added everyday.

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