Friday, March 20, 2009

Ac shock Vs Dc shock

Shock shocks everyone; shakes some people. There exist two elements in what we call as, electrical power. They are voltage and current. The product of voltage and current gives out power (a Dc power) and when it is multiplied by cos 0.8, it is Ac power.
In Ac, both the current and voltage are alternative and in Dc, it is constant. Ac goes in a cyclic sine wane. The number of cycles per second is called frequency of the wave.
Now let us come to our point. What would happen if you receive a shock from a Dc source and an Ac source? In Dc, you will stick with the current and you will die. In Ac, you will get Micro second gap where both current and voltage becomes zero. In that time, your brain will act vigorously to save you. So if you are about to receive any shock in the future, make sure. It’s an Ac source. Otherwise, don't go nearby.

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