Thursday, March 19, 2009


When internet came to commercial purpose, people were using dial up connections. Even now, in many backward countries and in remote villages, people still uses dial up for internet.

Dial up has become "aged" word for all the city based internet users. When dial up was in usage, the main draw back is the speed and unavailability of phone when we use internet. We can not use the telephone while we are accessing internet. We can neither get calls nor dial calls. The speed was also too slow.

Then came the master. Broad band made a revolution in internet world. People were able to use telephone simultaneously when they use internet and the speed of internet went so high such that they have to wait for just few seconds for ultra high graphics sites too.

The internet technology started its career only after the evolution of broadband I would say. All these Blogging, sharing, live stream and everything is possible just because of broad band.

Now people are working on the technology which offers us even faster internet connection. Let’s hope for a better technology and better world.

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