Friday, March 20, 2009

ask for ASK...

Whichever field you are related to, whatever aim you desired to, In order to shine wherever you go and to achieve whatever you dream, you have to have ASK with you. Without ASK you can not reach, get anything.
ASK can be abbreviated as Attitude, Skill and Knowledge. All the three are backbone of everyone who wants to reach heights. The first and foremost is the attitude. Without having a good attitude, you can never, never, never achieve your dreams. You might see some creatures sitting at high posts though they don't deserve that. Don't worry soon, very soon they will go deep into the ground in such a way that they cannot come back.
Next comes skill, followed by knowledge. Once you have got good attitude, your mind will be open to get any kind of skill and knowledge and it trains you to excel in what you learn. If God gives me a wish, I'll ask him for ASK. What about you?

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