Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Hi man..."

After the wonderful chats we had, I was allowed to use the word "man" with that person. As I read psychology books, I was able to judge her. Hope you would have noticed the last word of the last sentence. As per my guess, she is a little bit innocent, little bit "gangster", little bit good girl too. We had nothing as an expectation. We talked, talked and talked. I did not know what we talked. We cannot see the seed of any tree or plant. But we can see them growing tall and tall. Like wise, I do not know which the seed is and when and where it got a place. I can feel some thing growing. Apart from bonding, some thing was growing too. I was able to feel it from my behaviors. The differences in my behaviors are stated in my other blog. You can check out there to know more.

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