Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eye lids...

I have a habit. Once in a blue moon I think about the mercy of Almighty on us.
It was a dry night I guess. I was into my bed; started thinking about many things in the world. At last, my thinking came to a corner. I started thinking about the use of eye lids. The necessity, advantage, merits or what ever.

Take a minute and think this... What will happen if there are no eye lids for us, the humans?

Imagine the dirt getting into our eyes, flash lights and heavy luminous lights falling directly into our eyes. Above everything what will happen for our sleep? I am damn sure that no one can sleep without eye lids. To an extreme, some people need an eye cover to go for sleep.

Our eye lids works as a wiper, cleaner, softener and so on. What not the eye lids do? After thinking all these I don't have anything to say except, "Almighty God, Is
The Greatest of everything..."

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