Friday, March 20, 2009

Captcha Vs AI

One of the most used technologies in internet is Captcha technology. It is a scrambled text that appears on the screen to stop spamming bots entering into a system or network. Only human, because of his intelligence can find the answer from a Captcha scrambled text.
There are projects which work on AI (Artificial Intelligence). These projects deal with image processing. On the success and advancement of these projects, it will results in the ability of a computer to recognize the actual text from a scrambled text. Therefore there rises a question for security.
I was thinking about how to deal this new technology. We cannot stop the advancement in this technology since it can be used to lot and lots of useful things. When technology goes to wrong heads, it will be used in a wrong way. We cannot prohibit the technology from going to wrong hands. All we can do is to make the present security method powerful. Recently I saw a Captcha system which was asking simple logical questions. Now, there is no security threat for next decade.


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